Matt silver PET film

Matt silver PET film

Self adhesive pearly pp film, the surface is smooth, it is can be used for food labels, wine labels, battery labels, outer box labels, shampoo labels, barcodes, temporary labels for semi-finished products, and so on.

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Hotmelt / Acrylic(water based) / Solvent / Removable

Release liner

73g/120g yellow paper



Common size

Roll: 1.07*100-500m

Sheet:A4, A3,A2,etc


3000square meters

Printing type

screen printing, UV offset printing, laser printing


Matte surface, high temperature resistance, waterproof and oil proof, lightproof, scratch resistant and chemical, opaque, metallic


The surface of adhesive matt silver polyester is matt, has excellent tear resistance, high temperature resistance, size stability, light impermeability and chemical corrosion resistance, suitable for making a variety of durability labels. Has a strong adhesive.

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